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We are a private voluntary R &D Institution/Academy run by a small team  headed  by a retired DRDS scientist as its CEO with more than three decades of experience in EMI/EMC ,ably supported by an youngster as its Director[R&D] , qualified in Micro Electronics with six years of hands on DESIGN experience in PCB Designs and its implementation .ECCSA is also supported by Directors of Administration , Technology, finance and an experienced Secretary.

This growing Institution is very well guided by a team of renowned PATRONS from this field , advised by another team of well known Professionals in this area and a mix of Academy Industry and R&D personnel as Honorary members. Basically we are an RTP academy [RESEARCH,TRAINING&PUBLICATIONS] specialized in EMI-EMC training[EXTENDED TO AUTOMOTIVE EMC,SMALL ANTENNAS,PCBs&POWER ELECTRONICS], for the Industries and offer regular Internship for engineering college students.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Consulting Science Academy
NO57/1 ,First Floor,Soundarya Colony
Anna Nagar West Extn.
Chennai-600 101. INDIA.