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Following laboratory experiments(First set) are devised to help the Student Community.
  • Capacitive coupling of EMI
  • Inductive coupling of EMI
  • EMI Coupling via  incorrect grounding
  • EMI  via common mode  coupling 
  • EMI  via differential mode coupling
  • Characteristics of MOV
  • Characterisctics of R,L,C components at high frequencies
  • Measurement of conducted EMI
  • Measurement of radiated EMI
  • Measurement of EMI  hardening effect
  • EMI filter evaluation
  • Design of Corrugated TEM Cell
  • Design of rectangular LOOP antenna
  • Design of E field generator
  • TEM Cell,dc-250MHz
  • TEM Cell,dc-500MHz
  • Design of Modified TEM/GTEM cells
  • TV  monitor  field immunity testing
  • Design of HOODED ANTENNA
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